How it works

Step by Step - Start your online Arabic course at


  1. Read about the studying process and our different online Arabic learning programs
  2. You need to fill out the Free Trial request form.
    Once we've received your request, one of the main teachers will send you an email to set up a Zoom or whatsApp appointment. During this short conversation, you and the teacher will define your objectives and your current level of Arabic, and the teacher will suggest a program that will help you meet your objectives.
  3. Have a look at our pricing list, and register for the program that fits your needs. Order the required lesson hours and determine your availability to attend the lessons.
  4. We will respond to the order after your registration and send a suggested studying schedule and assign you a teacher.  
  5. Start your daily online Arabic lessons with your teacher. You can follow your course progress with your teacher on the website.