Classic Arabic (Fusha)

Modern Standard Arabic

Classical Arabic, or al-Fusha, or Modern Standard Arabic  is the optimal choice if your goal for studying Arabic is one of the following:

  • Mastering the formal or religious speech
  • Reading books or magazine
  • Studying Islamic Sharia in any place in the world
  • Enrolling in one of the colleges of Al-Azhar University in Egypt
  • Enrolling in one of the divinities colleges in the USA or Europe
  • Enrolling in one of the Middle East Studies and Strategic Studies colleges
  • Working and living in any Arabic speaking country

By learning the Classical Arabic “al-FusHa” you will be able to read and communicate with people in any Arabic speaking country. This is the Arabic people understand and learn in school and college and it is also the official language throughout the Arab world. To help you reach this goal we have used a selection specialized books on teaching Arabic for non-native speakers.


These books were written by a group of professors who are specialists in writing Arabic for non-native speaker curriculums. These books are being taught in universities, institutes, Arabic teaching centers and in the following countries: Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Mauritania, Morocco, and Sudan.


Our teachers have years of experience teaching Arabic for non-native speaker curriculums like “Arabic between Your Hands” , “al-Kitab al-Asasi” or “Noor Elbyan” . Our teachers use a custom made curriculum which includes the best of the three books.


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