Egyptian Arabic

This course is for those who are in love with Egyptian culture and want to travel to Cairo and blend in with the Egyptian culture or are fond of tourism in Egypt and its famous cities like Alexandria, Hurghada, Sharm el Sheikh, Matrouh, Luxor, Aswan, North Coast, and Marina.

You must learn the Egyptian dialect, as one of its benefits is that most of the Arab world will understand you because of the extensive effects of the Egyptian media and entertainment industry on the culture of Arab countries.

Colloquial Egyptian is considered an easy variety of Arabic and it is less complex than the classical Arabic. It doesn’t require lots of effort and the grammar is less complex. All you need to do to speak the Egyptian dialect is master some vocabulary and put it into understandable sentences. 

So we chose the "Aneestoona" Curriculum for you.

This book teaches students basic vocabulary in colloquial Egyptian and then trains the student with practical daily dialogues. These dialogues are useful for any situation, even when exposed to any problems that may be faced when first arriving in Egypt. For example, such dialogues include "At the airport”,  “In the market”, “A taxi driver”, “Visiting the doctor”, and “At the police station.”
The teacher will help you overcome your obstacles by working through the dialogues with you and training you on the correct pronunciation, as well as explaining the correct meaning of the sentence and the various situations that we use it in. So the book and the curriculum will be a catalyst or part of the lecture, but not all of it because the basic principle is the dialogue and speech training with your teacher.

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