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eArabicLearning is an online school for online Arabic language teaching, offering LIVE lessons taught by certified and professional teachers from Cairo.

The unique, interdisciplinary program was designed by a team of linguistic experts, distance learning specialists and programmers, who have dedicated themselves to the goal of teaching the Arabic language Online, using the most recent tools.

eArabicLearning provides live one-to-one online  Arabic lessons for students to learn Arabic worldwide. Our Arabic lessons are customized to meet a variety of needs: religious, business, travel, daily life, and so on. Our Arabic teachers are professionals and experienced in helping individuals belongs to different backgrounds and age groups.

Our professional services guarantee that you will get the best experience in learning Arabic!



You can make rapid progress towards fluency with a course at your level, delivered to your needs. Your progress is monitored from the first day and you would receive regular feedback throughout your course. You will be impressed at just how quickly your confidence grows up as your Arabic language skills improve, immersed in real-life situations and interactions within a wholly Arabic speaking environment. In delivering the class, the teaching staff uses PDF electronic book, short films, images and audio files


Time of class

Time of class is negotiable according to the teacher and student schedule
You have your own choice to have 3 or 5 lessons per week (regular or intensive) with your own private teacher (each lesson lasts between one and two hours). In addition, you would normally be given between one and two hours' home work to prepare the next day's lessons.


Level estimation

On the first day, you will be given a level assessment and listening comprehension and your oral fluency will be assessed. The teacher will then design a Personal Study Plan with you to fulfill your objectives by making the most effective use of your lesson time. Out of lessons you will have the opportunity to practice what you have learnt.






  • Online classes are offered via Skype (
  • Female teachers are also available for Female students.
  • Every new student can take a free trial Arabic lesson before signing up. It is completely free and there is no obligation. Our main purpose of the free trial Arabic lesson is to help our Arabic language learners to get an idea of how our system works.





We are providing the following online Arabic learning programs: