Initially I wanted to learn basic Arabic but the quality of teaching in an easy-going manner has allowed me to progress rapidly to some advance areas.
My Arabic teacher on eArabicLearning is patience has allowed me to develop an understanding of some of the complex areas of grammar. His encouraging style makes it easy to build a rapport.
Furthermore his flexibility means that I can fit in my classes around my work and family commitments.

Rihan Jafry, London

I would recommend people who are looking to learn Arabic with a job and a hectic schedule to consider “Learn Arabic Online”. I don’t think one can find a more cooperative and flexible teacher. He understands your work schedule and does his best to accommodate accordingly.
One of the best things in his methodology is the daily Question and Answer Session which makes a student accountable right from the start instead of piling up for a scheduled exam weeks later. You learn new words every day in an interesting manner. From the very beginning, he manages in such a way that you start with basic conversation after only the first few classes.
I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to learn the Arabic Language in a relaxed, fun manner!

Amna Sohail, PAKISTAN

"Muhammad" is teacher in "eArabicLearning" I have been impressed by his willingness and enthusiasm to teach the Arabic Language to non native speakers. His level of patience with students is outstanding. I say this because I have seen him teach both adults as well as children successfully, which is not an easy task.

You can tell a good teacher from a not so good teacher as he will be a good learner. For example, he will learn through his own reading, by listening to his students, by sharing ideas with his colleges, and reflecting on classroom interactions and students’ achievements. Therefore Mr. Muhammad from my experience is a dynamic teacher open to change and new ideas. Furthermore, he is constantly evolving and improving his styles and teaching techniques as he gains further experience with foreign students.

In conclusion, his knowledge, motivation and problem solving skills differentiate him from other teachers whom I have sat and studied with.

Junaid Dar, London

My teacher on eArabicLearning possesses the innate qualities a language teacher must posses such as an animated personality (compared to being monotonous, tedious, and boring), be able to communicate effectively, but most importantly a passion for teaching a particular subject rather than just monetary gain. Mohammed offers one on one instruction at an affordable price without sacrificing the quality of instruction. Instead of wasting another minute pondering over your decision I recommend you schedule a free class with Mohammed immediately so he can assess where you stand and how he can help you meet your goals in learning Arabic.

Abdullah, America

Our Arabic teacher made the lessons fun so we all really enjoyed learning. This was due to his enthusiasm for teaching coupled with our desire to learn.

Abbas, Mariam and Aliea (7 years), London

Aaisha's teacher appreciated her for her Arabic reading
She read in front of group of teachers
Good work ,good job Miss Dalia.jazakallahu khairan kaseera
May Allah reward u more n more for the work u r doing...

Maliha Nausheen, India

The lessons are very interesting. It is a mix of learning from the book and just talking about daily life in Egypt. This brings diversity to the lessons, makes you learn new words and enlarging your vocabulary and also makes you try to have a conversation. As you are constantly talking about your daily activities, you also build a nice relationship with your teacher.

Talking to Dalia about Egyptian life is very nice. Last week we did a cooking class. I learned new words and would now be able to explain how to make a dish, lots of ingredient names, cooking process. And this I can use in our daily conversation. We also showed each others homes and today I named everything from my house. The book also helped with this, because there was a lesson where you had to name everything you saw on the picture, which were the living room, bedroom and in a restaurant.

Bella koury, Brussels, Belgium

eArabicLearning is a very professional organization. The teachers are knowledgeable and very helpful. It is a great way to learn the Arabic language from native speakers. I appreciate how they will work with my schedule and accommodate my time. Arabic is a beautiful language and I thank eArabicLearning for the opportunity to study Classic Arabic with them. ألف شكر

Wardia Hart, USA