Arabic Online Conversation

Conversation lessons in Arabic are conversational lectures between the teacher and the student. These lessons aim to increase vocabulary and break the barrier of fear of the language for the student.

Students train in the daily dialogues until they can speak it automatically if exposed to an unexpected position during practice.

The language and conversation lessons are designed by the teacher in a non-scheduled form according to the student's concerns, whether their interests are political, religious, tourism,  business or other.

The lesson could be based on reading a book or a newspaper with the student making comments and giving their opinion.

During the conversation, the teacher corrects and writes down the errors the student makes and then the teacher asks the student to focus on a particular expression by placing it in a sentence or several sentences in Arabic.

This is prepared by the student as homework with the subject of the next debate.

 These lessons are offered to advanced students in the Arabic language.

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