Learn Arabic in Egypt

Arabic Summer Camp 2023

Arabic and Islamic Studies

Alexandria - Cairo - Minya 

The program is delivered by a group of highly experienced and accredited teacher with years of experience in teaching Arabic


  • Comprehensive program during the day, including three meals, Arabic language classes, Quran lessons and the commuting.
  • Special classes for sisters.
  • Special tourist program includes a visit to the ruins of Egypt "City of Martyrs".
  • You will stay in a quiet city with pure air south of Cairo.
  • A full program in the Egyptian countryside.
  • The program includes:
  •  visiting tourist areas and ancient Pharaonic Museums 
  • Nile cruise and Fishing.
  • Ancient mosques.
  • Airport reception.
  • Student's book.
  • 3 hours a day for the Arabic language program.
  • Weekend trips according to program schedule.

Choose your program


Kids full program

Arabic course (MSA/EGA)

Quraan &Tajweed

Private (Arabic/Quraan)


Teachers will Host kids in their home 

Accommodation will be arranged as per request

Accommodation will be arranged as per request

Accommodation will be arranged as per request


- Arabic 

- Quraan 

- Weekend tour


- Reading

- Writing

- Listening 

- Understanding

Reading & Memorization

  • listening 

  • repetition 

- Student ability and goals control how we go 

- 4 Arabic Skills (ACTFL) 

 - Quraan Reading (option)


3 meals a day

Student book

Internal transportation

- Arabic book

- 3 hours per day 

1:30 hour per day 

Select your book 


30 day

60 hours /month

30 hours /month

Control your study hours 


$1000 /Month

1750/2 months

$370 /Month 

$170 /Month

$ 8.5 /hour 



Programs does not include:


  • Flight tickets 
  • Adult accommodation 
  • Visa and residence expenses
  • Airport Taxi 


If you send your kids to us, know that they will be in good hands, the plan include all expenses just give them extra money for gifts and personal expenses.

Send us your contact details accurately so that we can keep you up-to-date with our news.

There may be a very slight increase in program prices if we have to buy some medicines or go to a doctor, God forbid.

We will help you find a private apartment, Hotel or rent a taxi to meet you at the airport. 


Sightseeing & Places We Will Visit


1- Museum
Image result for ‫المنيا‬‎



2- Corniche
Related image

3- City
Image result for ‫المنيا‬‎

4- Nile picnic
Image result for ‫المنيا‬‎

5- countryside

6- Tombs of the Sahabah
7- panorama

Related image
8- Hotel

Related image

9- Tomb of the Commander of the Army of Muslims
https://vid.alarabiya.net/images/2018/02/21/06fbb50a-e2bd-46ad-8db1-c5bcc79264f2/06fbb50a-e2bd-46ad-8db1-c5bcc79264f2.jpg10- Pharaonic antiquities



Image result for ‫بني حسن الشروق‬‎

11- Pharaonic antiquities



Related image

  1. Pharaonic antiquities
    Related image

  2. Nile Picnic



More Info

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