Business Arabic Course

This Arabic course is designed for those who, for whatever reason, may need to speak some Modern standard Arabic during a job interview. All lessons in this Arabic course are based on real job interview scenarios.
Learn common Arabic business phrases and understand Arabic culture so you can communicate professionally in on of the largest markets in the world.

About this course 

Take the next step in learning Arabic and expand your language skills so you can effectively communicate in Arabic business.
In this language training course, you will learn common phrases and scenarios of business and negotiation in Arabic speaking countries. You will also learn about Arabic business culture and etiquette and the needs of businessmen and women.
Our classes are designed and tailor-made based on our students’ suggestions to ensure that everyone receives the assistance they require. We focus on developing both verbal communicative skills as well as the written skills in the Arabic language. To ensure that our students receive a holistic education, we teach them Arabic history and culture as well. Those in the business industry will find our lessons extremely helpful in helping them to communicate with Arabic partners or clients. Apart from basic conversational Arabic skills, you can learn more technical terms that are commonly used in the business industry. Learning the technical terms is essential, as it will help to prevent any miscommunication that may strain business relationships. By knowing how to communicate more accurately in Arabic, it will be easier for you to achieve your business goals.
We'll  also give you  pronunciation lessons that will help you communicate more smoothly and effectively in a business environment.
This course was developed by Native Arabic teachers with 10s of years of experience in teaching Arabic.
What you'll learn
  • Arabic  phrases and expressions for business negotiation
  • Arabic business culture and etiquette
  • Proper Business Arabic languages for finding business partners, networking, contract signing, and maintaining business relationships
  • Selected Topics:
    - Self-introduction (My name is…)
    - Describing one's character (I am outgoing…)
    - Education background (I graduated from…)
    - Working experiences (I was working for…)
    - Discussing career plans (In the next five years, I plan to…)
    - Describing one's hobbies (I enjoy…)