Summer Fruits and Vegetables in Arabic

القائمة الكاملة لأسماء الفواكة والخضروات لفصل الصيف باللغة العربية To get to learn a language fast you need to gain its main vocabularies. One of the most used vocabularies in arabic is food related vocabulary, so we build this list of Vegetables and fruit vocab sorted by season. Summer vegetables in Arabic:


Tips to Teach Kids Arabic Language

What Kind of Help Could We Provide for Our Children at Home to Acquire Arabic Language? In order to help our children to acquire Arabic in the house, there are many ways: To produce some of the simple vocalized sounds of speech: Fly a kite and say {و} using long and various degrees of voice quality. Let him observe the motion of your mouth especially that of the lips, while producing such sounds by putting […]


How to Teach Your Child Arabic

“Early Learning as Engraving on the stone”, A say that Arabs believe in. This say makes it clear that what man learns and memorizes at younger ages cannot be forgotten even after the pass of long periods of time. Linguistic potentials appear at early stages, and thus the best age at which a man can acquire Arabic as a new language is early childhood  (3-12) years. as a child’s brain is alert in addition to […]


The Most Famous Institutes to Teach Arabic In Egypt

If you read our previous post you will know why Egypt is considered one of the best countries to learn Arabic for non-native Arabic speakers One of the most important reasons that there are many Arabic language learning schools, and institutes for non-native speakers which offer various study programs and strategies to Arabic students. here is the list of The Best And Most Prestigious Institutions That Teach Arabic in Egypt: 1. Al-Azhar University (Education Centre […]


Why study Arabic in Egypt?

Egypt is one of the most desirable countries for those who want to learn Arabic from the non-native speakers in order to study the Arabic language through various educational centers. Due to the fact  that Egypt is the largest Arab country in terms of population, it has Al-Azhar University, one of the largest Islamic universities that specialize  in teaching Arabic language and Islamic Sciences.   Tuition  fees and living are cheap compared to  many of […]


The best Arabic Language learning books for Non-Native speakers

Learning Arabic can be difficult for non-native speakers, but there are many books out there to help you learn quickly and easily. 1.The Arabic Course Arabic Course for English-Speaking Students is designed as a college-level course. The three books are split up into 4 levels, each aimed at helping non-native Arabic speakers learn Arabic for Religious studies of Islam. Arabic Course is the current curriculum for the Islamic University of Medina and has been used […]


Basics of Arabic language

Arabic Semitic language is fairly closely related to, for instance, Hebrew language and the Aramaic language spoken throughout Arab world and widely known outside it. It has been a literary language for over 1500 years, and is the liturgical language Islam. The term Modern Standard Arabic is sometimes used in the West to refer to the language of the media as opposed to the language of “Classical” Arabic literature; Arabs make no such distinction, and […]


Importance of learning the Arabic language

Arabic language is one of the Sematic languages. It is the official and literary language in all the 22 Arab nations, from the Atlantic Ocean to the Arabian Gulf. There is over 185 million people speak Arabic in the Arab World. It is the language of Qura’an, so that Arabic language became the religious language of Islam. It was also the language of science and culture in the Arab Golden Ages. Arabic language has many […]