Weather and climate in Arabic

This Lesson will help students to learn a 20 vocabularies related to weather forecast in Arabic , Weather and climate . طقس Weather   مناخ climate   جو Atmosphere   رياح Winds   سحاب Clouds   غائم cloudy   مشمس Sunny   دافئ Warm   ممطر Rainy   فيضان Flood   زلازل Earthquakes   بركان …

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Topography terms in Arabic

This lesson will help the students to learn more words about the Topography  , Geography and world map basic terms in Arabic . الكرة الأرضية   خريطة العالم   القطب الشمالي    القطب الجنوبي محيط   بحر   جب جبل   جزيرة   أرخبيل   قارات   واحة   بحيرة   خليج   ص صحراء …

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Arabic for business

This lesson has very common words for whom interested to learn Arabic language for business purposes. Translation الكلمة pronunciation Investment استثمار Iestishmar Prosperity نماء Namaa Saving ادخار Iedikhaar Provide توفير Tawfeer Return عائد Aaied Profit ربح Ribh Savings مدخرات moudakharat Bank account حساب مصرفي Hisab Masrifi Money transfer تحويل أموال Tahweel Amwal Refund request طلب …

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Learn Egyptian Arabic

Watch the following video and answer the question below مها منين ؟ جنسيتها ايه ؟ مها عايشة فين ؟ ماما مها جنسيتها ايه ؟ ماما وبابا مها بيشتغلوا فين ؟ مها بتدرس ايه ؟

Medical terms in Arabic

Are you a medical doctor or someone with a general interest in Arabic medical terminology ? Then this Arabic lesson will be suitable for you. Translation الكلمة pronunciation Complain from يَشتكي من Yashtaki-min Vaccine لُقاح Lokaah Booster جرعة مُعَززة Jouraa Mouazzah Prescription وَصفة طِبية Wasfa tibbiya Illness مَرَض Marad Pain ألم Alam Blood analysis تحليل …

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Arabic-English Glossary of Computer and Internet Terms

If you travel to a country where Arabic is spoken, chances are that sooner or later you’ll find yourself using a computer. For English speakers, the Arabic of computers and the internet can be surprisingly easy—in areas of technology, many Arabic terms were adopted from English. In this table we have highlighted the most famous …

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