A. Mohammad

Azza Abdul Monsef Abdul Aziz Mohammad


Educational Background

  • Bachelor Olson-Ain Shams University in 2005 – the year a good estimate. Department of Arabic (first language) – and English (second language)
  • Debugger linguistic cycle in 2006
  • Course language skills in 2006 Faculty of dar elouloom .
  • Certificate of Kuwaiti Al-Babtain Foundation as well as from the Faculty of dar elouloom


  • Arabic : Mother tongue.
  • English
  • French language
  • Hebrew and Syriac language and are within the study materials in college

Job Achievements

  • Worked in centers for teaching Arabic and Qur’an to non-native speakers face to face of 2006-2010.
  • worked till now in a center for teaching Arabic and Qur’an via the World Wide Web such as Maqsoud-sisters Arabic-Studioarabiya centers