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Making Courses

We can suggest three alternatives. You can either:

1- You can purchase your Arabic keyboard or Arabic letters stickers
Click here to view some

2- If you use Windows Operating system You can install Arabic language and use “On Screen Keyboard” software to write Arabic letters using mouse YouTube.

3- Use the following keyboard with the letters and accents to type your homework, your letters or your texts; then copy the text onto a Word file: here

The Intensive program needs to be taken within a week’s time: 5 consecutive days. Each lesson is followed with 1 hour of homework.
With the Regular lesson, you can take the lessons at your own pace (1 or more lessons per week, skip a week if needed…) and there is a bit more homework assigned (usually 1h30).

Lessons must always start on time. If you are late you will lose the time that you missed because the teacher often has a student secluded immediately after your session.

We usually appoint a teacher who will be most suitable to help you reach your objectives and according to your availability to take the lesson. If you wish a particular teacher for any reason, we will see if he or she available according to your schedule.

Currently we teach English and French Speakers. But we have no problem to teach the other languages speakers.

We don’t typically use a webcam unless a child or an adult beginner is taking the lesson. We have noticed that students often have the tendency to focus more on the sounds of the language without the webcam. With the chat board, you will have some visual aid. It is more effective to concentrate on listening comprehension and gain a comfort level with recognizing the sounds. Nevertheless, if a student prefers to use the webcam, the teacher will be happy to turn it on.

Yes, we’ve had many beginners at Learn Arabic at Home. At this point, you will need to start with the General Arabic program as it will be important to do some homework in between the lessons.

Both,However, the price of the study in group More cheap than the private lesson the Arabic Class consist of 2-7 students

Yes you need to Download Skype. Skype is a free software that allow you talk over the Internet for free. Skype is very easy to download. The sound quality is excellent, and it has all perfect tools for the education process.

Also it is useful to download idroo www.idroo.com , which is Online educational multi-user whiteboard.

IDroo – Online educational multi-user whiteboard.

– FREE for non-commercial use

– Collaborative meetings with many participants (10 or even more)

– Insert simple and complex mathematical equations

– Draw and write your ideas

– Express your mind through images

– Take advantage of high quality calls over Skype

Yes you need a headset with a built in microphone. You can also get a Web camera but this is optional. All of our teachers will have their web camera on during lessons but students don’t have to.

After every 18th lesson, the teacher will write up an evaluation on your Arabic level: what you have learned so far, your strength in the language and the path to follow in order to continue to progress.

Purchases & Refunds

We accept payments with Visa, Master card, American Express and Discover card, through our on line payment system that guaranties safety of your online transaction.
With our payment system no one will know your credit card number or other private details because our payment system is secure.

We offer a refund if the student has a sudden health issue which makes it too difficult for the student to continue taking any further lessons. If there is any another important issue which makes the continuation impossible, then you need to send us a message and we will get back to you to see what we can do.

If you need to postpone an already scheduled lesson, you need to send a message to your teacher at least 24 hours before the scheduled lesson. The class can then be postponed to a later date.

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