Arabic language for Journalism

This lesson is for students who interests in learning Arabic Language for practicing politics or international press in Arabic . it contains 30 of the most common words in the field of The political field in Arabic. you can read and listen the pronunciation of each word . Translation الكلمة pronunciation Embassy سفارة sifara Ambassador سفير …

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Topography terms in Arabic

This lesson will help the students to learn more words about the Topography  , Geography and world map basic terms in Arabic . الكرة الأرضية   خريطة العالم   القطب الشمالي    القطب الجنوبي محيط   بحر   جب جبل   جزيرة   أرخبيل   قارات   واحة   بحيرة   خليج   ص صحراء …

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