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parenting in the west, Responsibility and decision.

  The tax that the Arab nation immigrants pays to the Western side is really expensive, because simply you didn’t pay only for your work or your own business but actually you pay it as your children Islamic identity and their Arabic culture. If you weren’t aware enough then, the price could be they get rid […]

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Travel vocabulary and expression in Arabic

General travel vocabulary   public transport مواصلات عامة Mowslat a’amah The road الطريق Al Tarik The highway الطريق السريع Al Tarik Al Sari’a The port الميناء Al Minaa The airport المطار Al MAtar Arrival time وقت الوصول Wqt alwosol departure time وقت الإقلاع Wqt elqla’ A journey رحلة Re7lah At the airport فى المطار Show me […]

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Listening and Reading Comprehension Exercise

This is an intermediate Arabic Exercise for both listening and reading skills by our teacher Mr.Mahmoud.. First Listen to these audio clips Part 1  : listening 00_00_00-00_03_00 Part 2 : listening 00_02_58-00_05_59 Part 3 : listening 00_05_59-00_08_47 Then Read The Script : Now After You listened and Read the script Try to answer these question […]

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A Dialogue Between two Female Students | حوار بين طالبتين

First student       :    I think you are a new student. الطالبة الأولى : أعتقد أنك طالبة جديدة Second student  :    Yes, I joined the Center this year. الطالبة الثانية : نعم التحقت بالمعهد هذه السنة . First student       :   Did you study the Arabic Language in your country? الطالبة الأولى : هل درست اللغة العربية […]