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Food in arabic

مرحباً بمتعلمي العربيه Hello arabic learners Today’s lesson will be about name of foods in arabic. the lesson will be a power point file. with the name of popular types of foods and the right pronunciation. some of the arabic proverbs about food لا تأكل خبزك على مائدة غيرك Don’t eat your bread on someone else’s table. لا تسقط من كفه خردلة Literal meaning: He doesn’t drop a mustard. لا طال توت الشام ولا عنب […]


The best Arabic Language learning books for Non-Native speakers

Learning Arabic can be difficult for non-native speakers, but there are many books out there to help you learn quickly and easily. 1.The Arabic Course Arabic Course for English-Speaking Students is designed as a college-level course. The three books are split up into 4 levels, each aimed at helping non-native Arabic speakers learn Arabic for Religious studies of Islam. Arabic Course is the current curriculum for the Islamic University of Medina and has been used […]