Arabic Immersion Program in Egypt

Learn Arabic by Living the life of an Egyptian, Immersion Program, Summer Camp.

learn arabic

Study Arabic intensively with our top Arabic teachers, Our Immersion program is help in Egypt (Cairo, Alexandria and Upper Egypt).

You Will Experience Arabic as a native Speaker.

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General Info

General Info about the program:

  • Delivered by a group of highly experienced teacher.
  • Hosting children from 10:17 years in teachers’ homes.
  • Special classes for sisters.
  • Special tourist program.
  • Comprehensive program for children during the day
  • Very customization plans that suit all needs
  • Live like an Egyptian

The program includes:

The program includes:

  • visiting tourist areas and ancient Museums
  • Cruise and Fishing.
  • Ancient mosques.
  • Airport reception.
  • Student’s book
  • Weekend trips according to program schedule.
  • 3 hours a day for the Arabic language program.

Why eArabicLearning? is an Arabic learning academy for students from all over the world who want to improve their Arabic in an affordable, fast and effective way.
We have delivered Arabic teachings to over 3000 Students from 22 countries and 10 universities.




My kids Ahmed aged 7 and Daughter Doa aged 5 are learning Arabic and I am really satisfied with my experience with earabiclearning. Ms. Dalia is an excellent teacher and my kids enjoy learning with her. I highly recommend this online program and is ideal for people who want to learn Arabic from the comfort of their homes.
Humaira Nasim
Sales Manager
I just finished my lesson today with Mohammed Ali and I would like to thank you for recommending him. I learned so much already from my first lesson and I think he is a perfect fit for what I need regarding my learning goals. He is very knowledgeable on the topics I want to cover and I look forward to learning a lot from him.
Paras Shah
I just wanted to say that I am very pleased with my teacher. She is very professional and always on time. Also her teaching style is great and overall I am very pleased with the service I am receiving and with my teacher. Thank you
Shabana Samuddin
I have learnt a lot since I have started my Arabic Lessons. The teacher is very patient, outgoing and kind. She delivers the lessons depending on the my learning pace so the teaching is tailored to the student. I would definitely recommend this service to anyone wishing to learn Arabic
Paras Shah

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the power of Learning

Start Learning Arabic as Per you customized plan in a group or one to one.
You will learn Arabic by Come into contact with Egyptian culture first hand.

Get Accredited

Our Institute can get you accredited hours in Arabic also if your level is suitable you can get a certificate in teaching Arabic to non Arabic speakers


Most frequent questions and answers

Can I adjust my Arabic program, hours, curricula, ..etc ?

Yes, you can do that with your teacher.

How can I start?

Contact us to discuss the program you need.

Can I study in group with my family or friend?

Yes , we would give you better packages then .

Do you have female teacher?

Yes , we do have separate classes for sisters .

Should I pay in advanced?

The first month only

Can I Book the Study course only if I don’t need to the tour program?

Yes , the tour program Is option you don’t need to book for it if you don’t need .

Do you help with the visa or accommodation in Egypt?

Yes, We will give you any required assistance or information for the Visa and Accommodation 

Can you send us car to pic us from airport to the hotel?

Yes , we can help with that , please contact us to get the full information .

+20 100 868 9499

17 Yemen st, Giza, Egypt 12655







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