Family members’ vocabulary in Arabic

Arabic nations respect the family and the bonds among relatives a lot, in this lesson we will join Sarah who will talk about her small family and we will list the family vocabulary in Arabic and English.

مرحباً , إسمى سارة و أنا إبنة عمرو و ليلى. وحفيدة أحمد وفاطمة.

Hello , My name is Sarah and I am Amr and Lila;s daughter, And the Granddaughter of Ahmed and Fatimah.

يلعب محمد الكرة مع إبن عمنا كريم, واقضى وقتى مع إبنة عمنا ريهام فى التسوق

My brother Mohamed plays soccer with our cousin Karim, and I spend my time I shopping with our cousin Reham

عمى تامر لدية منزل واسع و نستطيع اللعب فية بحرية وزوجة عمى نور دائما ما تطهى لنا أفضل الطعام.

Tamer my uncle has a large house and we can freely play in it . and my uncle’s wife Noor always cock for us the best food ever.

List of Family member terms in Arabic.




أب Ab Father
أم Um Mother
ابن Ibn Son
ابنة Ibnah Daughter
أخ Akh Brother
أخت Ukht Sister
جد Jad Grandfather
جدة Jaddah Grandmother
حفيد Ḥafeed Grandson
حفيدة Ḥafeedah Granddaughter
أحفاد Aḥfaad Grandchildren
عم 3am Uncle (Father side)
خال Khaal Uncle (Mother side)
عمة 3mmah Aunt (Father side)
خالة Khaalah Aunt (Mother side)
إبن العم Ibnu Al-3m Cousin (male) – (Father side)
إبن الخال Ibnu Al-Khaal Cousin (male) – (Mother side)
بنت العم Bintu Al-3m Cousin (female) – (Father side)
بنت الخال Bintu Al-Khaal Cousin (female) – (Mother side)
إبن الأخ Ibnu Al-Akh Nephew (brother’s son)
إبن الأخت Ibnu Al-Ukht Nephew (sister’s son)
إبنة الأخ Ibnatu Al-Akh Niece (brother’s daughter)
إبنة الأخت Ibnatu Al-Ukht Niece (sister’s daughter)

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