The Most Famous Institutes to Teach Arabic In Egypt

Al-Azhar University

If you read our previous post you will know why Egypt is considered one of the best countries to learn Arabic for non-native Arabic speakers

One of the most important reasons that there are many Arabic language learning schools, and institutes for non-native speakers which offer various study programs and strategies to Arabic students.

here is the list of The Best And Most Prestigious Institutions That Teach Arabic in Egypt:

1. Al-Azhar University (Education Centre for the Arabic language for Newcomers students)

The center conducts a preliminary examination to determine the competency level of applicants to study Arabic, and they are distributed according to the results of these examinations on seven levels (A1 – A2 – B1 – B2 – C1 – C2 – Preliminary). They use the final test result at these levels to measure student’s performance according to the skills of listening, speaking, reading, writing, interaction and participation.
The Center grants certificates from the Ministry of Higher Education upon completion of the study:
The center’s programs to teach Arabic as a foreign language:

1.  Program of the academic year:
– The Course begins in October and ends in May.
– The Courses are 300 hours in total (an average of 4 days per week / 3 hours per day).

2.  The summer course:
– Program (a) begins in June and ends in July.
– Program (b) begins in August and ends in September.
– The Course hours are 200 hours in total (an average of 5 days per week / 5 hours a day) for a single program.

Address: Ministry of Higher Education “First Floor – Building No. 7 Road Ibrahim Abu Naja along Abbas El Akkad – embassies district – Nasr City.

2. Fajr Center

– Institute was established in 1995.
– Supports the Center in teaching the Arabic book “Arabic between Your Hands“.
– The Institute has the franchise to publish this book in Egypt.
– Is the sole agent for the sale of this book in the Arab Republic of Egypt.
– The Institute provides housing for students.
– The Institute provides visas for students who are studying there.
– The Institute is affiliated with the Ministry of Education and the Arab Republic of Egypt
– The Institute is leading more students from the republics to be separated from the former Soviet Union.

The Institute has three branches in Cairo, one in Dokki – CairoNasr city – Cairo, and Ma’adi, Cairo.

3. Nile Arabic center

it’s curriculum has been compiled from several books by a group of teachers at the center, The Centre is affiliated with the Ministry of Education and the Arab Republic of Egypt, Most of the students at this Institute are Turkish coming from East Asia

It is located in  Nasr city, Cairo

4. Al-Ibaanah Arabic Center

The center sometimes chooses to teach the first part of “AL-Kitab AL-Asasi” for primary levels, and it has its own Curriculum The center also gives lessons in conservation and Qur’an tajweed, it is under the management of U.S. citizens and caters to most patrons of French nationality, as well as Americans and those from East Asia

It is located in Nasr city, Cairo.

5. Qortoba Institute

It relies on the curriculum taught at the University of Imaam Muhammad ibn Saud, It uses an approach taught at the university in Saudi Arabia, and aims to teach the curriculum of foreign debt assets, especially to those who are new to the Islam religion, The Institute also gives “Tajweed” and “Ejaza” for the Holly Quran, and it provides student housing.
It is teaching many students from Britain, Europe, America and Malaysia, and it has two branches in Egypt, one in Maadi – Cairo, and another in Miami – Alexandria