Why study Arabic in Egypt?

Study Arabic in Egypt
Non-Arabic Speakers Students in Egypt for learning Arabic

Egypt is one of the most desirable countries for those who want to learn Arabic from the non-native speakers in order to study the Arabic language through various educational centers.

Due to the fact  that Egypt is the largest Arab country in terms of population, it has Al-Azhar University, one of the largest Islamic universities that specialize  in teaching Arabic language and Islamic Sciences.


Tuition  fees and living are cheap compared to  many of the other Arab countries.  Tourism is fairly low cost as well .

In Egypt, people can get a visa directly from the airport. This visa can  be renewed for most Asian countries and all Western countries.  The passport office also  gives tourist visas for  the long-term (between six months and one year for most).
However, you can convert this visa into a student visa when you study at one of the institutes approved by the Ministry of Education or any other university in Egypt.  This can be done from one of the passport offices without the need to exit Egypt .

Additionally , a lot of students come to Egypt from the Western and Eastern countries annually to learn the Arabic language.  Most of them are Muslims who want to learn Arabic because it is associated with Islam and the Koran.  This does not negate the existence of a lot of educated people who want to learn Arabic for other reasons as well (Political, cultural, business, etc).

If you are looking to study Arabic in a country which is comfortable, inexpensive and surrounded by the Arabian culture (which helps you to learn faster) this is the way.  You will be able to live with friendly people who welcome visitors and tourists. You will also experience the great climate in Egypt, along with the scenic and entertaining cities that are frequently visited by tourists from many countries all over the world.  For these reasons, we recommend Egypt as the country of choice.

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