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Winter Fruits and Vegetables in Arabic

Here is a list of the winter Fruits and Vegetables in Arabic. Winter fruits in Arabic: Arabic Pronunciation Egyptian Arabic English موز Mawz Mooz banana جوز الهند Gawz El hend Gozt El hand coconut عنب 3enab 3enab grape جريب فروت grapefruit grapefruit grapefruit كيوي kiwi kiwi kiwi fruit ليمون Laymon lamoon lemon اللّيْم Al lime Al lime lime يوسفي yosofe yostfandy tangerine البرتقالي Bortaqal Bortan orange بابايا papaya papaya papaya كمثرى Komthera kometra pear Do […]


The Most Famous Institutes to Teach Arabic In Egypt

If you read our previous post you will know why Egypt is considered one of the best countries to learn Arabic for non-native Arabic speakers One of the most important reasons that there are many Arabic language learning schools, and institutes for non-native speakers which offer various study programs and strategies to Arabic students. here is the list of The Best And Most Prestigious Institutions That Teach Arabic in Egypt: 1. Al-Azhar University (Education Centre […]