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Animal Vocabulary in Arabic

In this vocabulary lesson we will highlight different animal groups in Arabic culture like: House animals -Pets-. Farm Animals. Wild Animals. House animals/Pets in Arabic: الحيونات المنزلية/ الأليفة:   Male Female قط/Qet قطة/Qetah كلب/Kalb كلبة/kalbh أرنب/Arnb أرنبة/Arnabh فأر/Fa’r فأرة/Fa’rh عصفور/aosfor عصفورة/Aosforah كنارى/kanare سمكة/samkah سلحفاة/sol7fah هامستر/hamster   Farm Animals in Arabic حيونات المزرعة   Male Female ثور/thor بقرة/Baqrah تيس/Tays عنزة/anzh حمار/Homar حمارة/Homarah حصان/Hosan فرس/Faras خروف/kharoof نعجة/nageh خنزير/khnzeer خنزيرة/ khnzeerh ديك/deek فرخة/farkhah بط/Bt بطة /Bth أوز/oz أوز/oz […]


How to speak in Arabic : The pronunciation of arabic alphabet

The Arabic alphabet –الأبجدية العربية- has 28 letters and every letter has 4 shape in this lesson we will learn the shapes and the Pronunciation of each letter. Different varieties and shapes of Arabic alphabets How to pronounce Arabic alphabetic please Note When listening you will listen to the letter with fatha , dama and kasra أ – a أَ – Aa أُ- Ao أِ – Ae الحرف Letter بداية الكلمة Start وسط الكلمة Middle […]


Winter Fruits and Vegetables in Arabic

Here is a list of the winter Fruits and Vegetables in Arabic. Winter fruits in Arabic: Arabic Pronunciation Egyptian Arabic English موز Mawz Mooz banana جوز الهند Gawz El hend Gozt El hand coconut عنب 3enab 3enab grape جريب فروت grapefruit grapefruit grapefruit كيوي kiwi kiwi kiwi fruit ليمون Laymon lamoon lemon اللّيْم Al lime Al lime lime يوسفي yosofe yostfandy tangerine البرتقالي Bortaqal Bortan orange بابايا papaya papaya papaya كمثرى Komthera kometra pear Do […]


Family members’ vocabulary in Arabic

Arabic nations respect the family and the bonds among relatives a lot, in this lesson we will join Sarah who will talk about her small family and we will list the family vocabulary in Arabic and English. مرحباً , إسمى سارة و أنا إبنة عمرو و ليلى. وحفيدة أحمد وفاطمة. Hello , My name is Sarah and I am Amr and Lila;s daughter, And the Granddaughter of Ahmed and Fatimah. يلعب محمد الكرة مع إبن […]


The Best Online Arabic Course

The Best Online Arabic Course Interaction with native speakers is the most important activity you should do if you would like to learn a new language. At least 75% of your learning time should be spent with native speakers. Grammar and vocabulary books or CDs can’t teach you how to speak a new language or write in it. By speaking and writing to a native you will increase your fluency, and by doing this frequently […]


Arabic Free Online Courses

Arabic Free Online Courses. Arabic is one of the most important languages on Earth, with over 450 native speakers in 22 countries. The importance of Arabic is growing day after day, and now there is an urgent need to learn Arabic, but Arabic is considered one of the hardest languages to learn due to the fact that Arabic is a Semitic language, and it is very different from the Romance Languages. So learning it would […]


Tips to Teach Kids Arabic Language

What Kind of Help Could We Provide for Our Children at Home to Acquire Arabic Language? In order to help our children to acquire Arabic in the house, there are many ways: To produce some of the simple vocalized sounds of speech: Fly a kite and say {و} using long and various degrees of voice quality. Let him observe the motion of your mouth especially that of the lips, while producing such sounds by putting […]


How to Teach Your Child Arabic

“Early Learning as Engraving on the stone”, A say that Arabs believe in. This say makes it clear that what man learns and memorizes at younger ages cannot be forgotten even after the pass of long periods of time. Linguistic potentials appear at early stages, and thus the best age at which a man can acquire Arabic as a new language is early childhood  (3-12) years. as a child’s brain is alert in addition to […]