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Arabic Names – Arabic names for boys – Arabic names for girls

Arabic names that start with A Arabic names for girls / women Name in Arabic Pronounce Meaning عفيفة Afifah modest أمل Amal Hope ألماس Almas Diamond أمينة Aminah faithful آية Ayah Verse in quran أفنان Afnan Green branches of tree أمت السلام Amatasalam Servant of peace أنابيا Anabia Door of jannat عائشة Aysha Alive and well Arabic names for boys / Men Name in Arabic Pronounce Meaning أسد Asad Lion عشور Ashour Strongest assyrian king […]


learn the arabic alphabet online for kids free

How to teach children the Arabic alphabet in a funny way. Children aren’t like adults in the style of learning. It is hard to know which is the most suitable way that works for them, and they usually tend to get bored easily To give them material as hard as the Arabic alphabet, you should implement some special and funny ways that suit most children. And for the Arabic alphabet, I have inserted some of […]


political arabic terms

The arabic Territory has a lot of political events, from wars to revolutions. this happen in regular phases knowing some of the arabic political terms will help you keep up with the current events. English Phonetic Arabic Written Arabic Political Organization Monazamat Syiasyiah المنظمات السياسية Government Hokomah حكومة National Assembly Majles Al Ommah مجلس الأمة Ministry Wazarah وزارة Department Idara إدارة / دائرة Embassy Safarah سفارة Consulate Qunsuliya قنصلية party Hizb حزب movement Haraka حركة […]