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online arabic free course – lesson 1 – التعارف

Our latest free arabic course with Mr.Mohamed Ismail.. We will go through the basic arabic skills and how to conduct a proper arabic conversations in different Situations .. The first arabic lesson will be التعارف or How to introduce your self and ask others for information about themselves Next lesson will be : In the airport..  


Cardinal directions in Arabic – Points of the compass in arabic – اتجاهات البوصلة

Cardinal directions in Arabic In Arabic Pronounce In English الشمال Al shamal North الجنوب Al ganoob South الشرق Al sharq East الغرب Al gharb West الشمال الشرقى Al shamal Al sharqe Northwest الجنوب الشرقى Al ganoob Al sharqe Southeast الجنوب الغربى Al ganoob Al gharbe Southwest الشمال الغربى Al shamal Al gharbe Northeast شمال الشمال الشرقي shamal Al shamal Al sharqe North-Northwest شرق الشمال الشرقي Sharq Al shamal Al sharqe East-Northeast شرق الجنوب الشرقي Sharq […]


The Best Online Arabic Course

The Best Online Arabic Course Interaction with native speakers is the most important activity you should do if you would like to learn a new language. At least 75% of your learning time should be spent with native speakers. Grammar and vocabulary books or CDs can’t teach you how to speak a new language or write in it. By speaking and writing to a native you will increase your fluency, and by doing this frequently […]


Arabic Free Online Courses

Arabic Free Online Courses. Arabic is one of the most important languages on Earth, with over 450 native speakers in 22 countries. The importance of Arabic is growing day after day, and now there is an urgent need to learn Arabic, but Arabic is considered one of the hardest languages to learn due to the fact that Arabic is a Semitic language, and it is very different from the Romance Languages. So learning it would […]


List of Arabic business words, terms and phrases

The Arabic world is a large marketplace with thousands of opportunities. However, for you to forge an effective business relationship with Arab countries, you will need to know their culture and language. See why you should learn the Arabic language for more details. In this topic I will list the most famous words in the Arabic business world with Arabic phonetics and translation. This topic will feature: Business Terms in Arabic, Arabic Accounting words, and […]