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Introduction to arabic – fact and myths about arabic

A famous traditional saying wisdom has alighted in three things : the brain of the franks, the hand of the Chinese, the tongue of the Arabs. A famous Arabic saying the beauty of man lies in the eloquence of his tongue. The importance of Arabic Arabic is one of 6 working languages of the united nations It’s the mother tongue of some 400 million native speakers The languages is sacred to over 1.5 billion Muslims […]


loanwords in english from arabic

The Arabic language has a big influence on several languages, which is due to Islamic nations gathering and translating documents during the mid centuries  from ancient Roman, Greek, Indian, Chinese, Persian, Byzantine, and Egyptian writings. They added and developed all of these knowledge and Sciences. Some of these findings are still being taught today. The western world learned of this deep knowledge during the Crusades in the 11th–13th centuries as well as through relationships with […]