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Arabic Vowels – Kasraa , Damaa and Fathaa

The English vowels A, E, I, O & U have no equivalent in the Arabic alphabet. However, the Arabic language has special symbols which serve as vowels. These symbols are placed either above or under the letter which is vocalized. Knowing your vowels will help you identify the proper pronunciation of words. As a beginner, however, you might not need to get into too much detail, many Arabic speakers get by without knowing all about […]


Animal Vocabulary in Arabic

In this vocabulary lesson we will highlight different animal groups in Arabic culture like: House animals -Pets-. Farm Animals. Wild Animals. House animals/Pets in Arabic: الحيونات المنزلية/ الأليفة:   Male Female قط/Qet قطة/Qetah كلب/Kalb كلبة/kalbh أرنب/Arnb أرنبة/Arnabh فأر/Fa’r فأرة/Fa’rh عصفور/aosfor عصفورة/Aosforah كنارى/kanare سمكة/samkah سلحفاة/sol7fah هامستر/hamster   Farm Animals in Arabic حيونات المزرعة   Male Female ثور/thor بقرة/Baqrah تيس/Tays عنزة/anzh حمار/Homar حمارة/Homarah حصان/Hosan فرس/Faras خروف/kharoof نعجة/nageh خنزير/khnzeer خنزيرة/ khnzeerh ديك/deek فرخة/farkhah بط/Bt بطة /Bth أوز/oz أوز/oz […]


Travel vocabulary and expression in Arabic

General travel vocabulary public transport موصلات عامة Mowslat a’amah The road الطريق Al Tarik The highway الطريق السريع Al Tarik Al Sari’a The port الميناء Al Minaa The airport المطار Al MAtar Arrival time وقت الوصول Wqt alwosol departure time وقت الأقلاع Wqt elqla’ A journey رحلة Re7lah At the airport فى المطار Show me your passport, please! أرنى الباسبور / جواز السفر / أوراقك , من فضلك Arne al passport/Jawaz alsafr/ Awraqk , mn […]


Arabic Negation – How to say no in Arabic

There are many negation forms in Arabic. In standard Arabic there are 5 well-known elements for negations لا لم ما لن ليس/ليست La Lm Ma Ln Laysa/Layst La – لا For Order Form: La + Present tense starting with a Ta “ت” Examples: لاتكتب لاتلعب لاتكذب لاترقص لا تضحك For Present Form: La + Present tense starting with “ي ن – أ” Use “ي” when speaking about one absent person. Use “ن” when speaking about […]


How hard it is to learn Arabic compared to other languages (Infographic)

How many hours does it take to achieve Arabic proficiency ? Read the infographic for more. Do you agree ?


Arabic greetings in different dialects

  This is How Arabs use greetings in Different dialects this lesson will be on modern standard Arabic , Syrian dialect, Tunisian dialect,  Egyptian dialect and Algerian dialect in masculine.   Syrian dialect Algerian dialect Egyptian dialect Modern Standard Arabic English translation كيفك؟ keefak? ويش راك ؟ weshrake? عامل إيه 3aamel eh? كيف حالك ؟ Kayfa Halak? How are you? مبسوط mabsuuT, لابيسي Labesse. كويس kwayyis بخير Bekhayer I am fine شو إسمك shu ismak? ويش […]


Best Arabic translators online free – Arabic to English translation

When learning a new also a hard language as Arabic you will find it useful to have a translator to help you through the process of learning. Here are our collection of the best Arabic to English translators and vice-verse that you may find on the web. Try them out and tell us which do you like the most Google translate Bing translate Free translation Dictionary Egyptian Arabic Dictionary WordReference Lexilogos Cambridge English-Arabic Dictionary […]


Arabic Interrogative Sentences

Arabic Interrogative particles Interrogative Particle أَ / هَلْ When مَتَى / أَيّانَ What ما / ماذا Why لِماذا / لِما How كَيْفَ From where / how أَنّى Who مَنْ Where أَيْنَ How many كَمْ About what عَمَّ Which أَيُّ Whose لمن Arabic Interrogative Sentences Examples: هل تلعب الكرة ؟ Do you play football? متى سافرت إلى القاهرة ؟ When did you traveled to Cairo? ماذا تفعل ؟ What are you doing? ما طولك ؟ How […]


Top 100 Arabic Verbs used in Daily with Audio

Every language has thousands of words but all languages have a list of words that is used in the daily events you will only need these list to supercharge your language information and here we present the Top 100 Arabic Verbs in Daily use in alphabetic order. Agree – يوافق Masculine Feminine Past Masculine Past Feminine يوافق توافق وافق وافقت Allow – يسمح Masculine Feminine Past Masculine Past Feminine يسمح تسمح سمح سمحت Answer – […]


Top 100 Arabic words – phrases you need to know

We have Collected a list of the most needed 100 Arabic words/phrases with English and french translation also the pronunciation of each word /phrase. More Arabic resources: In An introduction to the root and pattern system in Arabic we Explain the Arabic root and pattern system. See here how many word can you get fro the Arabic Root S-N-3. See here How many word can you produce from the arabic root D-R-S درس see here […]