Arabic tongue twisters

Apricots – مشمش

المشمش دة مش من مشمشكم

مكان المشمش دة مش من مشمشنا

al mesh’mesh dah mish mien meshmeshkum wikamah al mesh’mesh dah mish mien meshmeshnah.

Rough translation:

These apricots are not our apricots. The place of these apricots is not the place of our apricots

My soul – روحى

Rou7i we rou7ik ya rou7i rou7ain be rou7 matra7 ma trou7 rou7ik rou7i bet rou7!

روحي وروحك ياروحي روحين بروح , مترح متروح روحك روحى بتروح

Rough translation:

My soul and your soul are one soul. Wherever your soul goes, my soul also goes!

Fez – طربوش

طربوش تطربشنا به وطربوش ما تطربشنا به قوم يا متطربش وتطربش بالطربوش الذي لم نتطربش به

Tarboush tatarbshana beh wa Tarboush tatarbshana ma beh. Qowm ya mettarbsh we ttrabsh beltarboush althe lam nattrbsh beh

Rough translation:

There is a tarboosh, that we have set up, and a tarboosh, that we have not set up. Stand up tarboosh-wearer, and set up the tarboosh that we have not set up.

خيط حرير على حيط خليل

Khet 7arer 3la het khalil

Rough translation:

Silk string on Khalil’s wall

أسعد سعيد صابر صعد سور سعد صايل

As3ad sa3ed saber sa3d soor s3d sayel

Asaad Saied Saber climbed Saad Sayel’s fence.

Tongue twisters may not have a meaning but it is very useful in learning how to speak in Arabic correctly . practice makes perfect .


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