How to tell days of the week in Arabic – the complete guide

Days of the Weeks are essential vocabularies in any language. And Arabic isn’t an exception. The Arabs have seven days like the rest of the world :) List of days of the week in Arabic with pronounce and English translations.

In Arabic Pronounce In English
السبت As sabt Saturday
الأحد Al ‘ahad Sunday
الأثنين A lith nayn Monday
الثلاثاء Ath thu la tha’ Tuesday
الأربعاء Al ar ba a’ Wednesday
الخميس Al kha mis Thursday
الجمعه Al jum ah Friday

The meaning of each day:

السبت : A moment in time. Also the rest الأحد : The one, the first number in counting and the first day of the week الأثنين : The second day of the week الثلاثاء : The third day of the week الأربعاء : The fourth day of the week الخميس : The fifth day of the week الجمعة : It comes from the meeting

How to tell days of the week in Arabic in past tense:

Adding the word:

الماضي Al ma de The last

So it will be:

السبت الماضي As sabt Al ma de Last Saturday
الأحد الماضي Al ‘ahad Al ma de Last Sunday
الأثنين الماضي A lith nayn Al ma de Last Monday
الثلاثاء الماضي Ath thu la tha’ Al ma de Last Tuesday
الأربعاء الماضي Al ar ba a’ Al ma de Last Wednesday
الخميس الماضي Al kha mis Al ma de Last Thursday
الجمعه الماضي Al jum ah Al ma de Last Friday

How to tell days of the week in Arabic in future tense:

Adding the word:

القادم Al qa dem The Next

So it will be:

السبت القادم As sabt Al qa dem The Next Saturday
الأحد القادم Al ‘ahad Al qa dem The Next Sunday
الأثنين القادم A lith nayn Al qa dem The Next Monday
الثلاثاء القادم Ath thu la tha’ Al qa dem The Next Tuesday
الأربعاء القادم Al ar ba a’ Al qa dem The Next Wednesday
الخميس القادم Al kha mis Al qa dem The Next Thursday
الجمعه القادم Al jum ah Al qa dem The Next Friday

Can You translate this?

Last Friday I went to my aunt’s house, this Friday I am in my uncle’s house and the next Friday I will say home.

End of the lesson,

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