Cardinal directions in Arabic – Points of the compass in arabic – اتجاهات البوصلة

Cardinal directions in Arabic

In Arabic Pronounce In English
الشمال Al shamal North
الجنوب Al ganoob South
الشرق Al sharq East
الغرب Al gharb West
الشمال الشرقى Al shamal Al sharqe Northwest
الجنوب الشرقى Al ganoob Al sharqe Southeast
الجنوب الغربى Al ganoob Al gharbe Southwest
الشمال الغربى Al shamal Al gharbe Northeast
شمال الشمال الشرقي shamal Al shamal Al sharqe North-Northwest
شرق الشمال الشرقي Sharq Al shamal Al sharqe East-Northeast
شرق الجنوب الشرقي Sharq Al ganoob Al sharqe East-Southeast
جنوب الجنوب الشرقي ganoob Al ganoob Al sharqe South-Southeast
جنوب الجنوب الغربى ganoob Al ganoob Al gharb South-Southwest
غرب الجنوب الغربى gharb Al ganoob Al gharbe West-Southwest
غرب الشمال الغربى gharb Al shamal Al gharbe West-Northwest
شمال الشمال الغربى shamal Al shamal Al sharqe shamal Al shamal



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